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    1. 专题英文网 Foshan News
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        Tourism Spot

        Densely covered by river network, Foshan is a famous city with long history and rich culture.

        2018年03月28日 11:13 | 来源:Foshan China

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        Foshan Gourmet

        Foshan is one of the cradles of Cantonese cuisine with lots of gourmet and specialties.

        2018年04月13日 15:59 | 来源:Foshan China

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        Foshan Kung Fu

        There are lots of masters and organizations of martial arts such as Wong Fei-hung, Ip Man and Bruce Lee.

        2018年04月13日 15:58 | 来源:Foshan China

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        Culture Spot

        Foshan is undoubtedly an ideal place for visitors to explore the unique culture here.

        2018年04月13日 16:08 | 来源:Foshan China

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        Folk Activity

        As the birthplace of Lingnan culture, all kinds of traditional folk activities are passed down from generation to generation.

        2018年03月28日 11:11 | 来源:Foshan China

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        Intangible cultural heritage

        Foshan, as one of the famous ancient towns in China, has gained a lots of honors of intangible cultural heritages.

        2018年03月28日 10:59 | 来源:Foshan China

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        Foshan Entrepreneurship

        There are many outstanding entrepreneurs and craftsmen in Foshan.

        2018年04月13日 16:14 | 来源:Foshan China

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        Beautiful and civilized villages

        There are many historical embraced with Lingnan feature in Foshan.

        2018年04月13日 15:53 | 来源:Foshan China

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        Characteristic Industry

        As a famous manufacturing city, Foshan has flourishing economy and strong industrial basis.

        2018年04月13日 15:56 | 来源:Foshan China

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        Foshan Well-known Company

        Foshan provides great business environment for lots of well-known companies and brands to establish and develop.

        2018年04月13日 16:10 | 来源:Foshan China

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        Library and Gymnasium

        Foshan places emphasis on the construction of cultural and sport facilities that provide modern and convenient life for residents.

        2018年04月13日 16:01 | 来源:Foshan China

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        Foshan Museum

        The unique and precious history and culture of Foshan is always the local highlight.

        2018年04月13日 16:09 | 来源:Foshan China

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        Exhibition and Fair

        There are lots of exhibitions and fairs to be held in Foshan each year.

        2018年04月13日 16:02 | 来源:Foshan China

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        NPC&CPPCC Annual Sessions 2018

        The first annual session of the 13th NPC, the country's top legislature, will open on March 5 in Beijing.

        2018年04月13日 16:19 | 来源:Foshan China

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        Internet+ Expo 2017

        The 3rd China (Guangdong) International Internet Plus Exposition lasted four days, from October 12 to 15.

        2018年04月13日 16:23 | 来源:Foshan China

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        2017 AEME

        2017 3rd AEME was held from 28 August to 30 August in Foshan.

        2018年04月13日 16:22 | 来源:Foshan China

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